GTA Online PC now seemingly bleached of hackers, and here's my crackpot theory why!

I think they're banning people who were previously banned. Even if they quit modding. But those people know nobody will believe them and that R* doesn't appeal bans, so they just don't bother with saying anything and move onto a different game.

I can't really say I'm for or against it. I personally only ever met the cool modders who'd give out money and spawn random cars and stuff. But considering the amount of people who've played this game for thousands of hours, and apparently had their fun ruined if people wanted to skip the grind, modders were a huge middle finger to them. That and the one's who just crashed peoples shit all the time.

I do feel that this game is going to die a lot faster now that there's no more people giving out shit loads of cash, ontop of R*s current price gouging. Even I only ever play when new DLC is released, and it's only for a few hours, Then I go back to whatever game I was playing before.

I've got hundreds of millions of dollars from modders, but even trying to just play the game to have fun is hard, because it's just plain boring. grinding the same missions, doing the same races, getting shot by the same hydra or savage, people finishing missions in mere minutes because of all the armored cars we have, when before we used to actually have to work to earn the money we got from missions.

Even just trying to mess around in freeroam is boring now. I used to look forward to jumping on and seeing what crazy shit modders were doing to eachother.

But now it's back to avoiding all the 12 year olds with insurgents and kurumas fucking up freeroam, when before the modders could just kick them out of their hydra or whatever if they kept blowing peoples shit up.

It's honestly just not fun without modders anymore. I managed to hit level 200 legitimately, and I'm just tired of the same old shit with this game.

I want my blimps back damnit...

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