Hasbro shareholder launches campaign to spin off Wizards of the Coast

It's important to remember that an asset management company really cares about the long term health of a company, they primarily care about stock fluctuations and dividends. So you have to look at their actions through that lens.

For example, they make some legitimately good points - but those points are not necessarily what they intend to improve, or the reasons they state for wanting change regarding them may not be what you expect, and so could yield dangerous results.

For example, they're pointing at higher-ups in Hasbro not investing in stock as an indicator of lack of confidence in the company. This may or may not be correctly identifying an issue, but WotC provided 72% of Hasbro's operating profit last year. Once they've chopped off the cash cow, do you think Hasbro people are MORE likely to buy stock in Hasbro? I do not.

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