Hated Modest Mouse in high school just because people I hated endorsed them. Only now at 26, I’m totally embracing them

I could say the same shit to you. It’s 2018 so instead of you having something stimulating to say about my post, you ignore 99% of it (the point) and have to comment on the fact that I used the term “gay” to describe a type of music I don’t like.

I didn’t even refer to someone as gay. It was a vague style of music.

I feel I shouldn’t have to say this but you’re THAT GUY, who had to be the hero. Elton John is hands down my favorite artist of all time. He’s my hero. When I got into Elton John 2 years ago, I deserted 14 years of playing guitar to learn like 30 of his songs on piano. Strictly Elton John songs or songs that be covered.

So I challenge you to read that bit about my Elton John obsession and tell me that I have a problem with gay people. And before you try and tell me Elton has a problem with people who use “homophobic slurs”, google his close relationship with Eminem and how he didn’t find him to be homophobic.

I wouldn’t have put so much time into this response but who’s in the wrong mere?? Seriously ask yourself that. I used one “homophobic” word to describe a style of music, and here you are, the hero, singling out the fact that I used a word that had 0 homophobic intention behind it.

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