I want to hear your thoughts on- Printful, Customcat, Prinitify, Teesprings.com

Just so you are aware, you are doing a terrible job of shilling your company. Underhanded tactics like pretending to be a customer solidifies that you will never, ever be getting my business.

It is very obvious when your entire post history is linking people to your awful comparison page.

A few pointers...

Do you really think having a paid subscription is something to brag about? All it says to me is that you aren't good enough at running your business to turn a good enough profit, so you have to milk people for more. Maybe don't have it as the first thing in your crap comparison.

When your 'average' shipping time is 2 - 7 days, compared with 3 - 4 days, it isn't a good look for you. You clearly avoided giving an actual average because your shipping times are worse than those of your competitors.

Plus, you didn't even manage to realise that both your competitors offering far more custom branding options is something you could just exclude?

Your profit calculations are way off as well. Printful isn't $5 shipping for a tee. You don't even mention that the pricing used for Printify is that of the premium subscription users.

All-in-all, you've done a great job of making Printify: look like scheming weasels, look like liars, and look like a terrible choice for anyone with sense.

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