Sit, Peasant.

Not sure what kind of lazy inefficient Ironman you’re playing but gl


What exactly is lazy or inefficient? Lets break it down.

99 FM

Yeah, he said he did wintertodt.

99 thieving

Since herbiboar? No. You do not need master farmer at all anymore. You do not get 99 thieving at the start. Inefficient. Don't do this.

medium diary grind for herblore, RFD lamb on herblore

I don't even know why you include that when talking about making money?


LMAO, that comes way later. There's so many fucking hours of gameplay you skipped.

Agility pyramid for early gold

Absolutley do this after your gracefull grind if you need a few gp for quests.

high alching maple bows along with gold bracelets

That has always been 100% efficient. What else would you alch? You have loads of bracelets and longbows from crafting and fletching.

blue d'hide bodies from the d'hide I got while grinding bones for 70 prayers

Slower then green dragons sure, but really nothing out of the ordinary. If you're at a point where you need money, absoltuley do this.

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