Hi MUA! I'm Lily, MTF transwoman who is still new to makeup. Last month I posted here for the first time and got amazing advice/tips/criticism, so here is a timeline album of my makeup journey since then applying your advice! Still desperately looking for constructive criticism, advice, and tips!

Hey all I am back! It's been a month and here is my timeline of progress since. I really appreciate all the help I got last time, especially from those of you who contacted me personally. In case you were wondering, I included full body shots along with my face shots because a lot of feedback/CC I got last time had to do with my overall look instead of just my face, plus I like to match my makeup with my outfit when possible.


-Waxed my eyebrows(still getting the hang of shaping/filling them in)

-New wig! Got an expensive designer wig

-Went to MAC to get foundation matched, now use MAC foundation/concealer/powder

-Cleanse/Exfoliating/Moisturizing my face is now a part of my routine

-Switched to a brown gel eyeliner

-No longer line my lower lash line. Instead I just dust the outer 3rd it with eyeshadow on a q-tip

-Switched to Clump Crusher Mascara and bought an eyelash curler

-Switched to a cream blush

-Contour and highlight my face and nose now(still trying to get the hang of contouring, I think my brush is holding me back)

-I apply my foundation with a beauty blender, though I avoid my beard/mustache area with it because it absorbs the Dermablend and exposes my beard/mustache shadow. So I still use a brush there.



-MAC Face & Body Foundation in C1

-MAC Select Sheer Pressed Concealer in NW20

-MAC Select Pressed Powder in NC15

-Dermablend Cover Cream in Warm Ivory (for covering beard/mustache area)

-NYX Taupe Blush for Contouring

-NYX Illuminator in Ritualistic for highlighting

-NYX Cream Blush in Tickled


-Maybelliene Eye Studio Gel Eyeliner in Brown

-Cover Girl Clump Crusher Mascara in Black

-Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion

-Maybelliene Color Tattoo in Leather

-Coastal Scents 88 Palette

-NYX Automatic Brow Pencil in Medium Brown


-NYX Plump it up Lip Plumper

-Soft Pink = NYX Matte Hippie Chic / NYX Lip Pencil in Sand Pink

-Brick Red = NYX Matte Alabama / NYX Lip Pencil in Plum

-Violet = NYX Matte Aria / NYX Lip Pencil in Plum

-Coral = NYX Matte Indie Flick / NYX Lip Pencil in Pumpkin


-Contouring. I think the main problem is my brush, its not fluffy and rather stiff. When I first start applying it(on my forehead and temple area) it looks fine, but as I go down my face to my cheeks/jawline/chin it seems to fade. By the time I get to my jaw(important countouring area!) I can't even see it going on. I think its because my brush is picking up too much foundation and its mixing with the NYX taupe powder and therefore not applying well, if at all. As I look at my Taupe pan right now there is definately what looks to be a thin layer of film of dried foundation over the powder. I am guessing I need a fluffier brush?

-Overall application. Still looks rather rough/dry up close after it all sets and dries, I am guessing this could have something to do with my dry rough male skin.

-Blending, especially eyeshadow and around my beard area.

Would love more CC, tips, and advice!

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