Honest question, as a Trump supporter who registered democrat for the primaries to prevent Bernie. Why should I back your candidate post primaries.

So there are many issues that every individual weighs different based off a multitude of different factors.To me, the two major things I look for is economic and foreign policy. Just about everything else carries very little weight. I work in a very diverse profession, so racial tensions have never been an issue for me. But then again the military has always had an over representation of minority groups so I admit I may be ignorant to the racial issues affecting other parts of the nation, because I just haven't really seen any tensions amongst my peers.

I want a businessman in politics plain and simple. I want someone who knows how to work the system, balance a budget and get positive results and net gains for the country. I believe that someone who turns millions into billions has this experience. Secondly, I want a strong sense of nationalism. I want people to be proud of being a part of this wonderful country. I am tired of this apologetic BS attitude people have about being an american. Be proud of it dammit, we have it very well here compared to many others. There is no need in my opinion to be sorry for the past when you were not the one that did the actions (nearly every European country has been conquered many times over and no one apologizes for that).

What I do not like is his lack of experience. His rebellious "stick it to the man" attitude. I think the biggest factor in a successful country is a sense of order. I believe that in order for a country to truly be great the people of the country need to be willing to fall in line where there are needed.

I also believe that Hillary shows great strength in foreign policy. I really really like the fact that she is willing to do what is not popular. I believe this is a HUGE aspect of being an effective leader. I am tired of politicians just telling everyone what they want to hear. I legitimately believe that she will do what needs to be done and not just what people want to be done. Recently however she has been pandering more and more towards the extremist left views, this is what has been turning me off towards her. I respected her resilience now it seems she is slipping.

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