How do I deal with ghosting?

You have to remember it's not a person-to-person contact situation like it appears to be. Imagine someone has a shotgun that shoots out hellos. I ignore 90% of recruiters that contact me. Most don't even follow up or double check. 10% or so will send me the exact same message they sent 3 days ago.

The whole job-finding process has become quite bizarre and kafkaesque. We're essentially applying to jobs where the details and duties are obfuscated through layers of corporate and legal bureaucracy being filtered by people who don't understand the roles they're hiring for who are using programs to filter for keywords and unmentioned prerequisites that vary based on opinion, prejudice, and generalizations.

It's hard not to take it personal when your life is on the line. You can avoid some of it by finding and applying to small and medium businesses i find.

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