How do you guys decide what to do/recs?

A few things that have worked well for me.

As the other poster said, tag anything you're possibly interested in using the app. A lot of times I have 2 or 3 things I can hop into at any given time.

Try not to get sold on one single huge celebrity panel that will make or break your weekend, if you don't get in you'll just end up disappointed if you don't get in. If there's a huge panel (like Stan Lee big), that's the best time to try to get into another panel for a slightly smaller celeb. If you wait until that slightly smaller celeb or show is the coolest thing going on, you might not get in.

I haven't looked at the program yet but last year Here Come the Mummies was my favorite thing I saw. Highly recommend. The Rocky Horror show is great too but you'll appreciate it more if you've seen it in a proper theater setting before.

If you miss your favorite guest panel you can always visit them later in the walk of Fame.

Last year there was a free arcade on the second level of the Americas Mart. Worth checking out.

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