How much free time do you have?

Lol spending a lot of time on glassdoor isn't exactly a very reliable source for your claim

It is a very useful website.

Since when are engineers not allowed to make as much as surgeons?

It's not a matter of "allowed," it's a matter of the market value of engineering positions. There just isn't a market for a $400k+ engineering position. I'd like someone to prove to me that there is, because the preponderance of the evidence shows that there isn't. And people lie on reddit about their salary all the time.

Honestly, looking at your post about your job you don't seem that knowledgeable about the industry.

How does that make any sense? My post about my job literally just contains the details about my work schedule and my salary.

There is no way you are a staff software engineer if you are SDE II and earning that salary at IBM (or do you work at a startup? It seems your posts contradict each other...)

You are obviously not very good at reading comprehension. My post said I am not sure what my title is, but that I think it's "Staff Software Engineer" which at my company, is the equivalent of SDE II. Which, it is. My company is weird in that "Staff Software Engineer" is not a senior position, but rather, a mid-level position. Don't ask me to explain why, I have no idea. The most senior engineering position in my company is "Distinguished Engineer," and those people make anywhere from $160k-290k but these are often also people managers. Just below that is "Senior Technical Staff Member" which I think you are mixing up with "Staff Software Engineer."

I personally know of Principal engineers at top tech companies that are getting total comp in that range.


In the same effect, I work with engineers who earn over 500k.


It's honestly kinda pathetic that you are trying to call someone out with how little you seem to know about the industry.

You have no idea how much or how little I know about the industry. It sounds like you're just acting like I know nothing because you went in with that assumption.

Hell it's more believable to call bullshit on your story about filling in for a senior engineer as a 23 year old and performing even better than him even though you claim he is a great engineer and well respected.

Except that's not an unreasonable scenario and it happens sometimes. People quit companies and can't be backfilled due to budget/whatever. And people who work hard and take responsibility end up saddled with more responsibility. Why hire someone for $110k when someone you already pay can do the work?

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