How to find the next Axsm and karuna?

I made over 3 million on AXSM in just a few months. I don’t consider it luck as I did a ton of DD and used data to make educated decisions. No insider selling ever even after a 3000% SP increase, lots of buying only, mixing drugs that were already FDA approved for the same or similar indications, finding anecdotal evidence that these drugs work (found a guy that posted that Reboxetine is the only drug that works for his cataplexy/narcolepsy), DXM (part of their combo for AXS-05) although not approved for depression is used by many people to get high and essentially self medicate for depression, hiring commercialization team members before any approval. Never seen a bio with this much confidence from the insiders. All of these combined made it a no brainer to me to bet the farm. I was actually amazed no one on reddit was talking much about this stock. Instead everyone was obsessed with their AMDs or DISs.

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