How often should you see a parent in the hospital?

So my mom was admitted to the ER last night for an OD. I [21F] came this morning (about an hour drive away) as soon as my younger brother[19M] told me. I was at the hospital for about 3 hours today, and am currently considering going back today as well. My only problem is that I can't look at my mom without feeling extreme disappointing. My brother ODed LAST WEEK on the same shit, and they use together still. Since I live an hour away, I'm staying at my mom's house with my brother, but we argue so much. I want to see my mom and be there for her, but I can't stand being around my brother or this environment. I got home and found heroin in my bathroom they forgot to clean up, and kind of freaked. My mom's in the hospital till at least Monday (todays Saturday), but I need to go back home Sunday night to pick a friend up at the airport. Should I cancel? Do I have to go see my mom a lot more? Does it make me a complete asshole if I don't? I've been dealing with their addictions since my brother started using ~5 years ago, and I'm becoming emotionally numb to all of this, so I feel bad for being more upset by this.

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