How's my poetry?

The soul of the hexameter is that word accent and ictus diverge in its first half and coincide in the second.

Word accents:            
**Ar**ma vi**rum**que **ca**no **Tro**iae **qui** **pri**mu**s ab o**ris                   
 I**ta**liam, **fa**to **pro**fugus, La**vi**niaque **ve**nit               
 **li**tora, **multum il**le **et** **ter**ris iac**ta**tus e**t al**to                 
**vi** **su**perum **sae**vae **me**morem Iu**no**nis **ob i**ram;

**Ar**ma vi**rum**que ca**no** Troi**ae** qui **pri**mus a**b o**ris
**I**tali**am**, fa**to** profu**gus**, La**vi**niaque **ve**nit
**li**tora, **mul**tum il**le et** ter**ris** iac**ta**tus e**t al**to                 
**vi** supe**rum** sae**vae** memo**rem** Iu**no**nis o**b i**ram;

The coincidence in primus ab oris, Laviniaquie venit, iactatus et alto, Iunonis ob iram puts a nice bow wrap on the verse, resolving the tension generated by the divergence earlier in the verse.

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