HUGE RUMOR!!! Women's title to be reinstated.

I honestly don't know a single person who watches Total Divas and haven't heard much on its success, so that assumption was misplaced on my part. I hadn't heard it was doing that well. I guess that invalidates my entire statement. Mea culpa, everyone.

If it IS that successful, though, why aren't they featuring the show more on WWE programming? I mean, the only time it was ever really promoted in any depth was during AJ's first run as champion, and she wasn't even on the show and spent most of the time trashing it. Or, of there IS a plot that rolls out from Total Divas, it has NO development, jumps right to the blow-off match and is forgotten, or so ridiculously fails the Bechdel test that it sets the division back more than it helps them gain credibility. I mean, if you have this hour of television you're contracted to have on a separate network, with the opportunity to draw from a heretofore-untapped market, wouldn't you try to get them to take a look at what else you have to offer in other markets? Develop competitive storylines between the Divas, and have them play out on other programming over a month, and capitalize on the opportunity. Is this a fault of the writers, or a deliberate attempt to extend the umbrella of WWE programming beyond wrestling? Hell, give them an hour of Divas-specific matches before a SmackDown taping and put it on the Network. Draw in more subscriptions, or at least more viewing time from existing subscriptions. It seems like they're missing an opportunity to grow the brand.

Agreed on the IWC comment, by the way (even if I just fed the beast a bit with that previous statement). I think my issue with Total Divas is that its premise caters to a separate market that may not necessarily have interest in WWE programming as we know it, and there doesn't seem to be very much attention paid to it in terms of merging or linking those two markets.

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