Hypocrite eve-online player takes alliance money and runs!

Funny, the only ones defending these silly actions of DG6 are those that followed him, and were never happy in the last few alliances they were in anyways. Too many big ego's. At least that what you guys expressed.

Pants ? Who cares, he has a time out and is gone. He wasn't running things for almost 3-4 months - so it changes nearly nothing. The FC's have been running things forever. Pants also has no iskies that he ran off with that belonged to the alliance or corp, and his leaving does suck, but it wasn't a big surprise.

Also, when you guys left, you all left because you thought certain things were going to happen, like being reset with allies, or space being switched etc. The tough got tougher, and you guys bailed. They loyal ones stuck it out, no matter how hard.

In the end, the rumours you guys were spreading, didn't turn out to be true, Skeleton was not reset, now that your gone, though, turns out the eveskunk is also gone, and for once, it also seems like the enemies we have - do not know our everymove ahead of time.

Also, when you guys left, the alliance was being sabotaged, co-inciding with things being offlined, taken, people being awoxed, blues status's being abused, intel being spied on, and sovt structures and defenses unmanned.

We picked up the checked and cashed you out. No more spies, no more awoxing, no more "unexplained coincidences". makes me wonder , where was it originating from, to begin with. Maybe not Six himself, but those with him. To be fair, we still do not know who the spies were but they're apparently gone. Things are running smoother then usual, un-expectantly.

And Barf - I do not care to drag myself into this personally, who I am in real life or whatever, I do not care for the real life threats and cyber bullying that will follow, just because I am calling you guys out on the damage you guys manufactured, exploited, and when there was little else left, packed up and left after sabotaging.

Toku, Six gave a whole speech about a life and experience and family, inside an alliance - HE WAS NO LONGER EVEN PART OF ! He is there because we helped put him there !!!! Thats like mixing RL sympathy and EVEOnline. Human decency and expectation and sbaotage and misleading.. so very confusing. That is why it is hypocritical. If you want to say I am wrong, so be it, but I feel how I feel, and there is as much sense to that as the next guy expressing himself.

Oh and MrCatpoo, the crap your talking about with pants and facebook, is a misconstruction you have been spreading. his parents split up, remarried, and someone else was posting. so, please, refrain from ruining someone else's RL with the crap that was being spread, there is much proof that Pants was being truthful, with his communications and by his actions. UNlike the hypocrites you guys were, with the way you sabotaged the alliance, and left.

Ever heard about the butterfly effect in EVE ? Seems we understand why theres spies inside your corp and why they follow you guys everywhere you go, yet you continue to play some political bullshit game with others, and trying to insult them on thier facebook's humiliating them infornt of family thats grieving etc..

That kind of action, is just plain harassment, shame on you.

And I am sure STCY is recruiting, how else do you get more spies? like minds think alike, and at times like this, they even band together.

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