What weapon would you recommend for a starting player?.

First things first. Watch Gaijin Hunter tutorials about the weapons you're interested in.

As for tl;dr try Switch Axe, give chance to Charge Blade, and bowguns are awesome!

I think just stick to what weapon you like most for now. You'll eventually get better using them and better to stick to one weapon at the start of the game, save your money and materials. Once you're further in the game, you'll eventually start playing around with other weapons.

For me, when I started at MH3U, I checked out all the weapons and see which game play I like the most. That time, didn't check YouTube for guides so I'm a little clueless. I played around with Dual Blades till high rank. By then, I realized how beastly Switch Axe was, slashing through everything with sword mode without exceptions. Finished my career in MH3U being a SA main but having played around with all the other weapons with around 500 hours in. Proficient in most Blademaster weapons but still sucks with gunner.

Now at MH4U, I started with CB, and I love it! Whenever I can't dodge, I use guard point or just block if really in a pinch. With that, I'm almost always beside the monster and constantly have a charge, with my combo ending with Super discharge and Ultra when there's an opening. Insect glaive is really good too! If you know how to constantly have your buff on, specially red and white, you're dealing a lot of damage. My only gripe with it is that the upgrading is complicated and easy to mess up. I gave up on it, seeing I'm only in G1, and can't upgrade all the way yet. Don't want to mess up other IG with 3 already messed up.

When I saw about fashion hunters, I made a separate account just to finally get to learn about gunner weapons and with a cute female character this time around. I still suck with Bows but I'm telling you, bowguns are beastly. Bows are hard for me because of charging and all, but bowguns are simply point and shoot. With right ammo and critical distance, hitting the right parts, I kill monsters so fast! Without healing! I also get to learn the monsters more with a ranged weapon, because you know you can't afford to get hit too much.

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