Hypocrite eve-online player takes alliance money and runs!

I guess we can all interpret things differently. Of course, naturally an honest pilot from skeleton alliance might be more pre-disposed to thinking honest thoughts about family and friends and lasting friendships. Leave it to one of the instigating traitors to only think and know otherwise.

Are other alliances going welcome you guys and give you as much trust as Skeleton alliance did ? After stealing and sabotaging, probably not. Thats the difference between our two grades of pilots here. Those from STCY are traitors, spies, awoxers, corp/alliance thieves, and RL harrassers.

You didn't like your time in skeleton alliance, because you were the problem, your mindset too limitting, and your desires too ambitious. If you justified stealing money as you were owed ISK in game for something you donated towards an IG worthy cause, then, we should all get our RL money back from the donations drive we did to send you on stage at fanfest! Hypocrite.

I bet it upsets you that I make that valid point. It should. Its your legacy now. Traitor and awoxer, and thief.

Anyways, back to the main point, you never fit in, because you did not truely work together, you constantly kept a grudge and were trying to measure everyones performance based on numbers and stats, sure this is eve, but, some of these guys are new and learning, and although Billions of isk went towards dozens of different things many different times, does not mean you were owed it, because you said so. So your justification is null. be a man, and admit it was theft. This is eve, that shit happens. But others now, will be wiser to the guys from STCY in the future.

You guys are trying to cover it all up, your screw up, with threats, and intimidation. You seem to take no responsibility for Skeleton crew and where it was heaidng. Pants has been absent for ages, you guys were a very large part of leadership. If your needs were not met, then that is a diplomacy fail between the leaders involved, and you had sufficient representation to have been more vocal - infact, there is no excuse for leaving without warning, except that you had ill intent tobegin with - to desire to cause skeletons destruction.

But guess what, we are still here. The damage you did, mostly the rumours that were spread, taken care of for now. Like you guys stalking us in RL and making threats based on misinformation about our personal lives, and Im again also talking about stalking pants and saying his mother didn't die, which is a horrible thing to start spreading - the poor guy is grieving, can you imagine him hearing this ! Thats officially cyberbullying, thats a level of sabotage and propaganda that should NOT have been allowed ! All because you desire to break up the alliance that once welcomed you as friends.

I do not approve of those metagaming mechanics. It has possibly made a memebr of our family stop playing, and for good reason, i wouldn't want to come back after that too. Leaves a bad taste in my mouth just thinking about it ! Shame on you guys for those lies!

Now, about other lies, spreading things like we were reset, that there were plans to be reset etc.. and then leaving. not all of you participated, but clearly, some of you didn't get the memo that we have already proven that to be propaganda, and are still trying to insinuate disaster by thinking you guy call the shots.

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