Hypocrite eve-online player takes alliance money and runs!

lol, as if this has anything to do with napfests, but nice try. Skeleton Alliance does NOT condone traitors, spies, thieves, awoxers, hypocrites etc... yet because they all left, we're going to suddenly be reset ?

Anwyays, we can throw bullshit at eachother all day, and get nowhere.

My issue, is the way you guys (STCY) handled diplomacy. You basically took a fit, without warning stole what you assumed is yours, made nothing public about your displeasure, thus not providing a mechanism for the alliance to even help meet any possible needs you might have had.

Being apart of an alliance, is all about teamwork, those who do not know how to work together, should try and learn, and play fair, thats what we were all doing. Helping eachother. We were all friends.

We were only as strong as our weakest link, and it appears you guys were that link, maybe not in a pvp sense or organised sense, but maybe ethically, or morally speaking, maybe something about your effective leadership was lacking, and you guys didn't get the help you needed and left of your own violition.

It was certainly a surprise to some of us. Especially recovering in the wake of what aftermath was left. That's just not a cool way to burn bridges, people remember. Theres going to be like a 1,000 people who remember that guy who took an alliance's money, was sent to speak onbehalf of the community, but he was a real jerk to many who called him friends and family in the end, because he pulled a classic eve coup!

The alliance built him up quite abit, adding mixed and misguided sympathies in an effort to make some lasting memories and goodtimes, to only be betrayed, and sabotaged ! Some of our higher members even being threatened in REAL LIFE!

THIS IS A VIDEOGAME! Are you seriously going to come over here, to my house, and skullfuck be because I am expressing my right to freedom of speech ? Just saying, so those of you who know who you are, you are also making yourself and those you represent look just as bad.

So, I propose this, keep personal out of game identities to yourself. being an electrical engineer and IT specialist, I know the how easy it is to just get that information, but people are allowed, by law to express themselves, its also harassment to go and stalk someone, to harrass them on their personal pages, and make life threats.

So lets dial that part down a bit, mmkay ? I am in no way threatening anyone at STCY in real life. Just keep this about EvE. (Even if expressing how, RL sympathy was exploited immorally, and abused)

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