Hypocrite eve-online player takes alliance money and runs!

hey, if six and you guys wanted to start an alliance of your own, why steal all the guys from Skeleton crew after a silent sabotage ?

You might say "Taking back isk" that is less then or equal to what you may have donated towards alliance goals, is not stealing, but in my books it is.

If your intentions were so noble, why not co-operate in the last minutes and go public with the decision to leave giving people a chance to join you and your most noble of worthy goals and starting a new alliance, I might have come myself, who knows. But to do it so suddenly, the moment a little bit of the propaganda some of you caused hits the fan, and the drama ensued ?

It seems you guys have a HUGE vendetta against pantsufan. If he was the one you intended to disturb or hurt, you should have done it while you had a chance, or since you guys have gone to his family and friends and upset all thier lives by plaguing them on facebook and crap in RL, why not just end it there. He's not playing anymore, the point in flaming him should be over. He actually did no wrong, to be honest, he acted like an executive officer should while he was present. For the most part RL comes first, and shouldn't be mixed too much with eveonline.

He(we) did have competant leadership while it lasted and didn't turn on us during that "blackweek" that blaming pantsufan who is not here nor really apart of this discussion, has no more meaning. You can hunt demons all day and blame them or grow up and face the truth - we are all equally responsible for how the alliance was running. Especially most fo you who are commenting, being that you make up the largest majority of Skeleton alliance leadership and FC's.

So, by retrospect, insulting skeleton alliance, is only insulting your ability to lead and run an alliance. Perhaps you will learn from your mistakes, but I think not. I think the negative press will force enough spies into your ranks you will be doomed to never have anything that lasts. Nothing but a legacy of stealing from friends and burning bridges down, with your hatred for pants (which is like being a guy with a small dick, being insecure and pretending to be all tough by blaming others for the insecurity, if you look at it my way,since you seem to take no responsibility, though you were largely IN CHARGE AND RUNNING THE ALLIANCE.)

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