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What's your most interesting story?

What do you feel is the most common cause of conflict between couples nowadays?


I've heard so much that I have a very twisted view on "interesting" lol. What I find interesting is the thought process that goes on when people do those WTF things that fuck their lives up.Lack of Sex is still something I hear couples complain all of the time about, and oddly enough I have seen this a lot lately, but coming mostly from women. Makes me wonder if there is some cheating involved on the guys side. Either way, it drives women crazy and insecure. Men, have sex with your woman lol. Aside from that, I would say lack of validating each others feeling which leads to ineffective communication patterns followed by online affairs.


Do you think women will stop shaving and let their pubic hair grow back?


If the 90's can come back, anything is possible :) However a colleague told me that body hair is becoming extinct! Men are expected to be as hairless as women in a few decades


What are some of the wtf things people do to mess up their lives?


Sending screen caps of provocative conversations with others in an effort to make their significant other jealous and not want to leave, would be one. Those moments that make others think "seriously? that was your solution". I encourage everyone to ask themselves "seriously? This is how I'm going to get what I want?". If they can honestly say YES, this is exactly how I can get what I want then go for it. When in doubt, ask a friend, preferably a blunt one that is not afraid to tell you how it is...or better yet, ask me ;p


how do i get a girlfriend?


It depends on the kind of girl you want to get. For the most part, i would suggest going the old fashioned route . Court a girl, make your interests known, do the whole opening door thing and give a fair amount of compliments but do not over do it. Girls can be tricky, and change their mind at any given notice. First they want attention, then they think its too much lol. Learn to read the situation and leave her wanting more. Be assertive with what you want .


Do you find that Facebook makes people unhappy in relationships because it makes them compare their relationship to other people's? What else causes unhappiness (not necessarily conflict) in a relationship?


If a Facebook post is making a person question their relationship, I would say there are more important problems to address. Why the insecurity? What about this couple is making me feel this way? Do they seem more involved? If my relationship looked like that, would I be happier ? Once you are honest with yourself and your needs, then you can take those steps to communicate with your partner what you feel is missing in the relationship or what would benefit and strengthen the relationship. If they are not willing to give you what you need, then you need to consider changing your relationship status.

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