We always here about peoples creepy experiences with the paranormal, but whats your scariest experience with a real person?

I was home by myself, age 11, practicing piano, when the doorbell rang. I was told never open the door for strangers, so I looked out my parents' bedroom window to see who it was. A white, unmarked, windowless van sat in our driveway. Nope, no one home here, I'll just be quiet until they leave!

The person started banging on the door and yelling, "I know you're in there, I heard the piano!" Super deep, super mean sounding man voice. I continued to ignore and peek out the window.

The guy finally stops yelling and I peek to see if he's leaving, and he's in the bushes right outside the window looking back at me! At this point, I am scared out of my mind, so I race to the kitchen to grab the cordless phone and call my mom, who is at work 30 minutes away. I ran back to the one spot in the house where no one could see in and call her. While I'm talking to her, my dog starts going apeshit at the patio door. So mom tells me she's calling the cops, tells me to call my friend and neighbor, who is also home alone, to see if she can see what the guy is doing from her house.

My friend goes to look and starts screaming her head off, finally I understand what she's saying. The guy is climbing the 10ft fence around our patio(we had a pool back there with a deck, hence the high fence)and is making it over the top. The only thing standing between this guy and me now is a sliding glass door(thank goodness I remembered to lock it!)and a cocker spaniel going psychotic.

Cops finally show up and tackle the guy, only after he nearly rips the sliding door off and makes two more laps around the house screaming and banging. Turns out, he was a home inspector. My parents were having the house reappraised for tax purposes, and this guy showed up early. He said he'd had a bad day, and knew someone was home because he heard someone playing piano like an adult(I happened to be playing a complicated Beatles song)and he thought the adult was avoiding him for reasons unknown.

The guy did get a trip to jail and got fired, but I'm surprised my mom didn't end up owning the damn company the way she went off on them.

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