Greed isn't good anymore; impending Alchemist buff 2015

I want to see concoction and spray get reworked to be spammable spells limited only by his mana pool; and his mana regen and cast time with ult just get massively buffed. spray would have a massive aoe reduction (maybe to like 250 ish) and less dot, but explodes and deal area phys damage with instant armor reduction. unstable concoction could become a target point spell like spray with a slightly larger aoe that deals a random stun and damage values, but can still be charged up to raise the lower limit (the minimum stun or damage by 1 second stun time/100 damage per second), but could explode in midair and the max charge time to 4 seconds (including air time, with no midair charging of course). would have to have a low limit like .1-3.5 seconds and damage from 1-350 depending on how spammable it is.

Would be really fun to play as, he'd still have the same weakness of being easily burstable, but now he has the option to build to be a nuker, which of course makes his 6 slot weakness more apparent as well. Could put both core and support alch back in business.

It could allow for some interesting aghs upgrades as well (allows the ogre to attack while al is casting spells without interrupting each other (al animations would play, ogre animations would not be interrupted without you hitting the stop command or issuing a move order), or non ult cooldowns reduced to 0, or adding a 3rd spell to spam like an ice formula that deals damage as well and causes heroes to slip around on it similar to the frozen river from the greeviling, but more pronounced sine this would be a small aoe spell, maybe make the aoe longish like an icepath so he can skate to enemies)

greed would need a nerf though, because this would accelerate his farm immensely

tldr: keep his weaknesses, buff the alchemist and not the ogre, wish you had more than 6 slots more than ever

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