FBA Q&A Thread [03/23/2015] (Insert noob questions here)

I applied for grocery like 2 days after making an Amazon Seller account. I didn't even have the business ready to go yet. No supplies, no inventory, no experience. I made the account, saw some great sales and bought a bunch of items.

I spent some time reading around and making myself nervous about applying. Funny, I was approved less than 5 minutes after applying for grocery. (I think it was actually 3 minutes, I was shocked.)

I followed the advice given here


  • I had purchases on 3 separate receipts (2 from the same store, just split your items when you checkout).
  • I had 10+ items on each receipt and grouped items by UPC. (All of "Item A" on one receipt, all of "Item B" on another, etc.)
  • In total, there were 5 distinct items (or SKUs) but I think the minimum is 3.
  • I took pictures of the individual receipts and spent some time in a photo editor adding details. (You can use MS Paint on Windows, I used GIMP)
  • I looked up each item on Amazon and made sure I found the correct listing.
  • Then, I added some whitespace next to the image of the receipt and typed the following details:
    • Product Name
    • Product Description
    • Size/weight/quantity (ie: "4 pack" or "10oz")
    • ASIN
    • UPC
    • At the bottom, I added all my seller info: Name, store name (display name), Email address, home address, phone number
  • For receipts with multiple SKUs, I made a key using separate colors. I drew a box around 1 SKU, typed a letter next to the box and then in the space next to the receipt, I typed the same letter and added the information I mentioned above. Did this for each SKU.
  • Finally, in the comment box below where you submit those images, I wrote "I would like to sell some cake mixes and some other snacks. All purchases were made using the same credit card that is on my Amazon Seller Account"

I submitted the application, walked downstairs to get a drink, and heard the beep telling me I had a new email. It was the approval notice.

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