A flim by nVidia (xpost /r/nvidia)

"I'm glad we continue to talk about how Nvidia lied about the 970..."

"...I am glad to see the truth coming out..."

"...Nvidia's trying to throw the marketing department under the bus for this, but is that really enough?"

"They must be sued for this..."

"It sucks but it's true..."

"What an utterly humiliating prospect..."

"Issue or not, it is false advertisement by definition."

"...it looks awful for Nvidia. Because it either means they deliberate lied...or that their marketing team is...incompetent..."

"I'm still angry at Nvidia for lying"

"Lack of vram will cause your FPS to drop by a shitload because the GPU is waiting for the storage drive after it ran out of vram which also means the GPU will need more time to render a frame resulting in a higher rendering time. So no, you're only affected by huge frame times if you're using more than 3.5GB VRAM."

"And anyone who buys a product based on what they think it should do in the future using theoretical maximums is going to get stung, irrespective of false advertising."

"...sure it is still a great performing card but how can we trust nvidia in the future now."

"It's not about the quality of the GPU, its about the fact Nvidia completely lied to the public about a card and priced it based on those lies."

"One thing nvidia needs to do immediately is tell manufacturers to update their info and put a disclaimer that only 3.5GB of the ram can run at full speed with .5GB of slower ram"

The only ones I see that's even somewhat close to saying "this isn't a big deal" are as follows:

"Don't buy from them again if you wish, take your card back if you wish, but don't try to insinuate the card can't do what it already can and go on as if AMD have never misrepresented any of their products."

"They bought a cheaper card that wasn't a flagship card and were okay with it. Now everyone knows WHY it isn't a flagship card and they're getting real mad that it doesn't do 4K well (no benchmark said it would) and they're getting upset that it stutters when it should, because its NOT A HIGH POWERED FLAGSHIP WITH A FULL SIZED CHIP"

And--again--all this proves is that Nvidia lied about the number of ROPS (Render Output ProcessorS) and less cache, not that they knew about the extreme performance degradation above 3.5GB VRAM usage.

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