What's the best sex you've ever had, and why?

After one of my favorite managers, and a close friend, had left his job where we both worked - we had a going away party for him :). With the after party at my new apartment (I moved in with two other guys we also worked with). That night was the start to the best sex in my life.

Unfortunately, the amazing sex didn't start that night. We exchanged numbers because we kept things distant while at work. He is a workaholic and kept things professional at work - which I never blamed him for and actually made me more attracted to him.

Finally a few months into us texting and seeing each other daily and the night finally came. He teased me like no OTHER. He would start to strip for me, while company was over with my roommates just outside our door. We never fully had sex for a while because things just didn't feel right and this relationship was such...a dream...he was beyond romantic and sweet - would bring me flowers and take care of me when I got sick, all the fun knight in shining armor bs <3.

After we had my going away party and got back to my place, we were both buzzed and it was the night we planned to finally do the deed. The moment we all walked into the apartment we ditched everyone who came back to continue the party and went straight into my bedroom. We had better plans than to plan FIFA all night.

That night continued with us cuddling and just talking in bed waiting for everyone to actually leave the apartment. We're both aware of how loud I can be, as we had been physical for a few weeks prior to having sex and...well yea it felt almost as if I would blackout to the world around me when we started fooling around. So....oops sorry, roommates.

I forgot to mention an important piece to my man, this SO may not have had the longest penis I have been with but I have never had anyone this thick before.

Finally when we hear my roommates heading to bed, we start to strip each others clothes off. This guy was perfect, he knew how to read my body perfectly without me ever saying what I liked or did not like. That's what made this relationship perfect, even outside the bed, or even before our relationship went beyond the manager-employee friendship things were this way.

He would tease me to the point where I threw him on my bed and was fed up with feeling just the tip. With his size and how much he had already been working me, I couldn't handle it.

The night ended and we both still argue about this, I swear I came more than 25 times, squirted about 3 times. He's sticking with 15, but he also wasn't the one feeling them....well...ok but you know what I mean.

HOLY hell, I have never had sex with someone who knew exactly what he was doing and how to do it. ;) Props to him and his penis. Which I dubbed my princess - because he called my boobs the boys FYI.

fingers crossed that SO, fellow redditor, doesn't see this.

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