I'm an American citizen who is a rather hardline Kimilsungist/supports the DPRK. AMA

Well I fully agree American democracy is flawed. That doesn't mean that a capitalist democracy is inherently a system that doesn't work. I'm Canadian and our government is far more flexible than the 2 party american puppetshow. These problems with democracy, however, can easilly be fixed. Pass legislation to cap the amount of money allowed into sponsoring elections and disallow lobbyists. They are a symptom of the current implementation, not the ideology itself.

I still think you are living in a fantasy world where an uncorruptable government is ruling with absolute benevolence. Your ideas seem completely idealistic and assume that through education no official could abuse their power.

First of all, the Kim regime is acting as a monarchy which in itself is an abuse of power. This means the person with the most power in the country is chosen by completely arbitrary means that has nothing to do with merit or service to the state. Second of all, a ton of information about the North Korean government's lavish lifestyle has been leaked. I apologize for not backing up my previous claims as I've written them all on my phone on the bus, but according to the UN, Kim Jong Un personally spents an average of 300 million of state funds on himself every year (see link below). 3rd, the Kim regime actively uses state propoganda to make out the Kim regime as a series of demigods. How is this not an abuse of power?

Anything else is virtually impossible to say, because we know almost nothing about the North Korean state. I guess our fundamental difference in opinion is that you believe that since your ideologies are the right ideologies, it is impossible for the government to abuse their power; While I believe that no man is incorruptible no matter how noble a cause he is fighting for. I mean based on the rate of psychopaths in a human population alone, it is impossible for this sort of benevolent government to exist. It's a fact of psychology (link below). A psychopath, by definition, is incapable of empathy and does everything towards his self interests. According to psychology, 3% in males and 1% in females are psychopaths in a normal population. That means that a small percentage of people are going to abuse their fellow man no matter what position they are in. And, by the laws of Darwinism (I'm a biologist by profession), it only makes sense that a certain percentage of people exist to abuse the system, because the rest of the people capable of empathy place trust in them that it is too profitable not to abuse. This alone makes the benevolent state impossible.

If I understand this correctly, you believe an incorruptable state is possible which, admittedly, would make the communist state a viable option. But I don't think humanity is capable of it; from a purely Darwinist perspective.

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