I'm the girlfriend of a guy who is the father in an unplanned pregnancy

I was married to a narcissist and divorced him. We now "co-parent" our two children. That is a nightmare.

This person is not that.

But GOD, I wouldn't wish that on anyone. I have to remind myself that she is pregnant and upset when things feel manipulative toward him, and not see her as a narcissist. I don't believe either of them are. Two decent people got into a dumb situation and I believe they both want to do the best thing, which will still be hard to navigate.

My frustration is lack of planning, and the guilt put toward him when neither one of them is innocent in this pregnancy. Not by a long shot. I think the double standard and the situation he is in is unfair and I'd like to be a support in helping him get their situation as planned as possible before it affects the baby and their ability to parent.

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