I'm Receiving Violent Threats For Being A Satanist

It is very long and his grammar is terrible. I should've blocked him right away but I gave in to his banter and let him ruin my day. I have him blocked now:

JACK: ur an idiot, I don't believe at 22 ur that stupid, Satanism is for idiots who are so desperate for attention that will engage in an activity that is non-productive and downright stupid I hope one day to fuck u in ur ass so u can understand Satanism is wrong u stupid bitch

ME: Are you a Christian Jack? Does Christ condone threats of a sodomizing a young woman? I'm anti-theistic. I don't pray, worship or sacrifice to any god, spirit or entity. If you are looking to convert an Atheist to whatever belief system you hold then you should know that love and kindness are more effective.

JACK: iam sorry babe, for expressing my lust, nevertheless i don't see anything good coming out of Satanism. You are right its not easy to guide someone to the right path using my approach, iam sorry to have offended u

ME: I have no time in my life to become offended or hold grudges against someone so lacking in morality. The first page of my book instructs me not violate another's free will and rape is especially heinous. I think someone like you could find a lot of good in Satanism. If you would provide me the details I would be happy to send you a copy.

JACK: seriously !!!! you are going to piss me off after I have apologized ? I don't like ur tone and don't fuckin tell me about morality, who is Satan ? do u even fuckin know what he did. He lives in the hearts of serial killers, mothers who kill their children, and every sinful bastard that walks on this earth, are u seriously asking me to be his follower, who is lacking in morals and intellect ? seriously ur just being a stupid annoying bitch some women need to be raped, ur one of them, I hope one day to meet u rip ur clothes off and , bend u over and bang u really hard on ur rear, then turn u over and take u from the front. Nudge ur legs wide open and proceed incessantly banging until all ur sorrowness and loneliness that's making u be such an annoying smart ass bitch go away and u learn to address me with respect

ME: Do you hold strongly to your beliefs Jack? Would you stand up in front of your friends, family and co-workers and announce that you believe Atheist woman should be raped for not holding the same beliefs as you?

If you want to be respected Jack you should lead a life worthy of respecting. Threatening me with violence won't earn you an ounce of my respect. If you were truly secure in your beliefs then you would not feel so threatened by mine. What am I supposed to respect? A man sending unsolicited rape threats to a woman he feels threatened by because she won't conform to his religion? What is there to respect? You are not a man who proudly upholds his beliefs. If you were than you might be openly admitting to those around that you believe some women deserve to be raped. Go ahead, tell your mother, sister, wife, girlfriend, daughter, co-worker, friends, all of them that you believe that if they dare go against your religion that you will personally rape them.. No? Because you wouldn't something that foul, would you?

JACK: iam sorry stop twisting my words i didn't say all just you. u have been addressing me in that annoying condescending tone. How can u tell me I lack morality and ur the one into Satanism? that is a very rude annoying statement. You worship the devil how dare u talk to me about morality, stupid bitch !! don't u see the irony in that

ME: So women who you personally find annoying or condescending deserve to be raped? Jack I encourage you to stand behind your statements? Are you willing to publicly admit you believe some women deserve to be raped? Those are your words. You want to put a name with them?

JACK: yes some women do deserve that, and u are one of them, very annoying and bitchy that's what u deserve and I wont feel sorry for doing u I know that is what u want, deep down u know iam saying the truth, u want me to man handle u and have my way with u, that's why u keep annoying me, I know women like u

ME: Jack you have sent me extremely graphic emails detailing your intent to harm me. The only reason I am still emailing you was to manipulate you into admitting you attend to commit these actions for use of a police report. I planted my email so that you would use your personal email and not your email relay. I now have your email, first name, IP address and a detailed proof of threat. Feel free to keep emailing me but by the time you received this I have already blocked and reported your email so I won't have to read any more of your violent messages for the rest of my life.

Have a great day Jack!

JACK: iam sorry, I didn't mean to say those things if ur truly the good person u say u are u would not attempt to make my life miserable, I honestly love u but I don't know how to express it

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