I'm sorry but Esther should have been called first this week in my opinion

This is a difficult photoshoot to rank imo. My order would probably be like this:

  1. Kayla - Everything about this picture is perfect. Her makeover should've been long hair like this.

  2. Kendall - Her best picture on the show. It's a good angle for her face.

  3. Lexie - Would be first if it weren't for the hand that looks like it's strangling herself. The face is glorious

  4. Esther - She looks slightly older here but it's lovely

  5. Chris - Not a fan of the open mouth but everything else is good

  6. Jane - Boring af.

  7. Ann - She looks very uncomfortable. 3rd of her completely underserved FCO.

  8. Rhianna - She looks uncomfortable and her paw is terrible, but it's not the worst

  9. Kacey - Hideous. She barely looks like herself. How this got SCO I will never know.

  10. Liz - Even more hideous. Her pout is seriously unattractive

  11. Chelsey - If it weren't for her past performance she could easily have been eliminated here. This is serving White Chicks realness.

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