I'm wprried about the community here..

I don't know how to say this without you saying I'm being toxic, but dude, grow a pair. Creating a thread who's main focus is to call a whole player base toxic is toxic in itself. Then as soon as someone has an opinion that differs, you start calling them toxic... Pretty ironic. I guess nobody is allowed to have a different opinion much less defend it without name calling by you. I could be a dick and ask if your parents know you are on the Internet since you are clearly acting like a child, but based on the forum, I expect you to have some maturity so I'll put it this way. Is that really the way you want to represent yourself?

People have different opinions and they voice them (especially on the Internet). It's called communication. People seemed to be able to do it in the past before texting, emails and message boards without angry retaliation. Those days are gone. Everyone wants to take sides and immediately argue. It's freakin' Liberals vs. Conservatives everywhere and everyone wants to argue. The thing is, both sides make very valid points but hardly anybody is willing to say the other side might have a point for fear of ridicule by their peers. This mentality has leeched its way to the Internet that used to be a bastion of freedom. You can't post a simple picture of your kid without 100 parents accusing you of doing something wrong these days. Anyway, I'll try to keep this from being too political, but I just see the parallels. You baited people to respond and then went for the throat to support whatever platform you are pushing. Nice work Trump.

Back to the question at hand, I think (and there are a bunch of us that agree) the point made by /u/drzamboni is spot on and although critical of the way Simu does things, doesn't deserve to be labeled any more toxic than you for trying to stir shit up. If you can pick apart the argument and intelligently explain why they are wrong, go for it. But at this point, your only argument is that people are very negative about it and that's not good. Hell, you are right. A lot of people are angry. We don't like being nickel-ed and dime-ed and we put it out there in hopes that someone can see it and can help work through the problem and somehow make it better for all parties involved.

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