I'm Yugoslavian...help me! (American looking for his heritage and identity)

You are going to have to point out another national team in Europe where the manager asks Nazi singers to get the fans going?

Thompson is fucking moron, but "nazi singer" is a bit too much. Personally, I can't stand the guy.

Or another group of fans who think it's fun to stand in a way so it looks like a swastika?

That was moronic, done by Torcida, and there some other factors influencing all the stupid shit "fans" do while abroad.

You are deluded if you think anyone is as bad as Croatia, I love how you have looked up the fans groups and everything and try to make out it is a monority.

It is, whatever you think, it's still a minority of fans.

Was it a minority that chanted Nazi slogans and salutes when Siminuc was on the mic, on the pitch after a game? That ten game ban he got for that must have been a lie and there was probably lot's of outrage in Croatia because they think he was racist, right?

Actually, most outrage I heard was because he is a fucking idiot, born in Australia, not being here and doing that shit. It wasn't "nazi" sloga, it was "ustashi", not a big difference, but significant in terms of Croatian nationalism and the war.

He is still a fucking idiot.

Your defence is bordering on laughable now, the reason other countries don't have an anti-fascist day is because most of them were never run by fascists with huge support. They need to have a day to counter that stuff.

Oh fuck off. It's holiday celebrating formation first partizan unit in Croatia and start of fighting against German and nazi/fascists. You know the only liberated territory in Europe during WW2? Former Yugoslavia, mostly areas in Croatia and Bosnia. Partizans were made from Croats and Serbs, fighting together against German, Italians and local traitors.

So, no, it's not because of what you say.

All in all you sound like you get your information from Wikipedia and google

Oh fuck off ....."_hr" is country code for Croatia, it's part of my nick and if you bothered to check I a mod on /r/croatia. I think I know a bit about my own fucking country, its history and holidays.

I have witnessed first hand Croatia supporters en-mass chanting Nazi slogans and doing salutes and it has been going on a long time. If other supporters and other people in the country did not agree with it, do you not think there would be a huge movement to rid the national team of racists that play for and support them?

There is some internal shit in Croatian football why part of this is happening and why "fans" do their best to create situations where Croatian Football Association gets punished. Not defending anyone, telling you how it is. There are factions who are paid to do that and who started riots on the last Croatia-Italy game.


do you not think there would be a huge movement to rid the national team of racists that play for and support them?

Top game in Croatia, between Dinamo Zagreb and Hajduk Split is usually watched by few thousand people tops. People are disgusted by football politics and stuff going on that even national team games are sold anymore.

Yes, there is a movement and there are internal politics involved in these incidents.

But it's all "LOL" to you. What a complete idiot.

It's LOL and there is only one idiot here, you. Maybe you have seen some morons doing moronic stuff and applied that to a whole country. Seems like stuff Americans do when they have no clue and stuff we come here to make fun of.

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