Imagine being so angry about people peacefully protesting to have rights???? People need to understand that in Canada we have the right to chose what goes into our bodies. This is people protesting their rights. What is so hard to understand.

Define peaceful?

Yes absolutely people have the right to choose what goes into their bodies ... but people have no right to infect others, especially with a virus that HAS killed people and continues to evolve...and because no one can actually monitor where people go, who/what they touch, or how many times a day they sneeze without covering their mouth.. policies and guidelines are needed to keep people safe, which include the most vulnerable. Protesting infront of KGH where a doctor is treating patients or a nurse is providing care to a dying patient is wrong and IMO creates a stressful environment for both health care workers and patients/family members who are dealing with grief and/or sickness. I have seen protesters in cars aggressively driving and blocking off roundabouts near the bridge. I have seen front desk staff harassed. I have heard hate speech in protest chants. How is that peaceful?

Where were yall at when Indigenous women were forcefully sterilized? disgusting and wrong but non-indigenous people weren't bothered by it unless it was something that was happening to them at that time. Also where were yall at when pro-life people are displaying their signs and calling for anti-abortoon laws? So the policing of bodies is only okay in some instances?

Tbh unless someone is an Indigenous person, I don't give a flying F about their rights in the context of covid-19. If they don't get the vaccine, I hope they also choose not to access our health care services.

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