Inter Milan sign Marcelo Brozovic.

here's a decent write-up from Arsenal forums

There are many reports in Croatia about Arsenal interest and as I know this guy since he was 12, thought I should write a scouting report for you.

Broz is one of the best players in Croatian first division, and the manner in which he evolved from a talented lower league player to a starter for the national team and most important Dinamo player is just amazing.

Many experts had their doubts about him making the next step, and I for one thought that despite his talent he wouldnt make it, but he did his best too answer his critics.

He is an allround midfield player, with great technical skills, and unbeliveable engine. He also has a great shot on him that he doesnt use as often as he should. His best games were in a CM position where he is able to best utilize his strenghts and make the players around him better. I would say this is the reason he will have a great career, because everytime he plays he seems to speed up the team he plays in and somehow gets the best out of his teammates.

He also has amazing football inteligence which is kind of a paradox when you know he isnt exactly the sharpest tool in the shed off the field. He failed his driving licence test 14 times, has serious betting adiction and a behaviour of an uninterested 10 year old kid.

But his "inteligence" is in my opinion on of the factors in his rapid rise as he never thinks about who and where he plays. He always gives 110 percent, and doesnt care about how important the game is, which will turn him into a reliable big game player as he becomes older.

He reminds me of Aaron alot, because they have alot in common in terms of their abilities and habits to take advantage of space between lines, as they both use their running capacity to get on the end of plays and score goals.

At the moment, Brozovic is a diamond in tbe rough and if someone directs him properly, he will become a next great Croatian midfielder, because he has both the talent and is a really hard worker when it comes to training.

Well that comparison was bound to happen, but despite some similarities, I wouldnt say he will become Modric type of player. Modric for me is a playmaker who can sit deeper and has little or no ambition to go forward and Brozovic has both Physical and tactical abilities to offer more up front. Its hard to predict where he will end up in terms of his position as he is a modern type of a midfielder, versatile and full of running, able to fill up many positions. ( Wenger loves this ) He plays alongside a DM for Dinamo in a 4213 formation but he roams all over the pitch and covers unbeliveable amount of space.

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