Iran's foreign minister Amirabdollahian from the south of Lebanon: "positive developments in the region will lead to the collapse of the Zionist entity”

Eww... Zionist apologia?

Tekhwin. Classic. I'm sure you and As'ad Abukhalil would be best pals. I don't need to prove to you my anti-Zionist chops.

Positively appraising Israeli institutions and Israeli technology doesn't mean endorsing Zionism and dispossession of Palestinians. Should we pretend the IDF is incompetent to be good anti-Zionists? That "Israel is as fragile as a spider's web"? What good would that do?

If you want to debate this assessment, fine. But immediately jumping to accusing me of Zionism because I said something remotely positive about Israel is honestly childish.

Hitler was a vegetarian because he didn't like to harm dogs. Am I a Nazi now?

Not even your fact about "drip irrigation" is correct (took 2 seconds to fact check this, I encourage others to fact check the rest of this BS).

This source says itself the drastic revolutionary aspect of Israeli drip irrigation.

A little longer investigation would make you understand what I was getting at. They founded the first drip irrigation company, that's now wildly successful. It didn't exist on a worldwide scale before Israeli science.

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