I've kind of hit a wall - no motivation

Before you consider downvote: I am a bit sleepy, English is not my first language. But I felt that I should answer, even if it will sound like a drunk who tries to explain something.

What are your interests outside of programming? Try to answer it, even to yourself, without posting here. When you find that, pursue it. Why not programming purely? Because unless you don't have interests above 'eating to sustain, expel waste, procrastinate' you are going to find problems perfect for challenging programming project about something that is actually interesting to you.

As far as projects go, don't worry. Remember you can shut off internet while coding (self explanatory as far as looking up solutions go). Same goes for simply taking a break for a while. Learning is not going to come easy, if at all, if you see it as a chore or reinventing the wheel.

Last part I want to mention is: coding is not typing code. Most programmers would probably laugh it off, but making actually working block diagram, thread model or flow control recipe can teach you a lot. Don't make it in any language you know, try to use single-purpose blocks. Yes, I know that it sounds insane today with ever-present computers, but lack of this planning ability is more likely to blame then lack of knowledge about language. To a point, obviously.

Other points about mentors, tutors etc: agreed, but it is not a full solution. Maybe I am confused, but it seems like missing the difference between direction, inspiration and motivation. Please don't read it like some 'go to' card I was waiting to use, but I'm a TA in introduction to programming in maths and physics divisions, and was one for past 6 semesters. It is a short time, hell. I'm alive for shorter time then /u/imright_anduknowit career in programming ;). I have about 5 hours per week designated as 'consultations' when students can barge into my office and bombard me with question, they have my skype in case they would like it more etc. Despite my best efforts, many of them fail for similar lack of motivation. Most of those who fail don't even feel like asking for help. You just beat them by reaching out here on reddit, so kudos to you. Reach out for people who can help you. Go to /r/codetogether or /r/coolgithubprojects and you are going to find people and interesting projects that are likely hard to solve by googling the 'how/when/why/' + 'my problem statement' + '?'.

The challenge is to follow up with it, while working on fun and interesting projects.

Good luck :).

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