JAPANESE DEVILS (/r/china xpost) infamous Japanese unit 731 during ww2

The American comparison, as usual, falls flat.

America has done tons of awful things. Americans, frankly, can't be expected to know every single one of them.

If it sounds like I'm defending America, I'm not. It's just that our rabbit hole goes so, so deep. I just realized recently that a member of my family, of whom I had been very, very proud, was personally responsible for the Philippine-American war.

Not just my country - my family. I didn't know that.

America has so much to be ashamed of, that Americans can only really be expected to know about, say, 10% of it at any given time.

The difference here is that: most Americans do know at least 5~10% of the awful things their country did - and most Americans are fully aware of at least 10% of the awful things America does now.

Japan? How many awful things has Japan done? Let's be real: not as many as America. WWII...Ainu oppression...I mean, there's modern day human trafficking and other serious immigration issues in Japan - but the list of major sins is relatively short.

Huh. It's almost something that could literally be taught to children in a single day. You know - fifth graders in my prefecture all go to Hiroshima for a school trip. That's pretty awful and painful - it would be a perfect opportunity for schools and teachers to teach children everything that happened, right?

Except that they don't.

So, Japan has a list of war crimes that could literally be taught to children within a day - they even take fifth grade children to the Hiroshima museum and show them horrific, awful images of war and destruction and...

...and they don't. They don't bother.

There is no comparison here between America and Japan. America has tons of awful things in its history and we try to teach our children as much of it as we can.

Japan has far less to be ashamed of and yet, they don't bother teaching the kids.

731 in particular would take about five minutes during a Hiroshima trip. "Yes, children, many awful things happened during that war. In fact, were you aware that Japanese soldiers were conducting experiments on live humans in China? Yes, we were."

And yet they don't.

Stop wasting people's time with this nonsense.

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