Just had to explain to my BIL why it you never ask a woman when she’s going to have a baby.

I'm so happy you did this. I think educating people and bringing awareness to fertility is so important because it is such a poorly understood topic until you are living it. I hope that he was uncomfortable enough that you also have now spared anyone else from being asked that question by him, and maybe he will even pass that knowledge on.

I also have floundered in the situation. I'm having a rough week, and it was my mom's birthday yesterday (we are mostly NC, she is not a great person) but she was going on and on about how she got pregnant first try, how she didn't ever get stretchmarks, how perfect and easy her pregnancy was the ol' "I wore my prepregnancy pants home" schtick and she was truly shocked when she found out I hadn't been on HBC for years. I was on CD2 and she dug in with the "OMG how are you not pregnant yet - I would never risk not being on BC omgomg" and I was like "First things first, I have stretch marks from just existing, so I guess I didn't get your magical powers, my periods suck, TW: my pregnancies don't stick, I have been prodded at and they don't actually know what's wrong with me, but I get scans, and pay out of pocket for all kind of fancy tests anyways. It's been almost two years of trying, and I would totally press the nuclear launch button on my body if it meant we could have a baby - so I'd appreciate it if you kept the one unicorn pregnancy you had nearly three decades ago out of it, because you are not a reproductive expert" and she was just like.. "But you're not fat, why do you have stretch marks? I am sure you won't get that fat once you get pregnant either, don't worry" . face palm.

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