Just out of curiosity, I was wondering what foods you guys eat and don’t eat. I have heard that people with ARFID often have similar tastes in food and I was curious to what extent! Basically just comment below and let’s see what we have in common :)

I know I'm late but I felt like sharing anyway. I'm the same about a lot of things, especially concerning the cereal, milk, and vegetables. There are a few vegetables I can tolerate, but the only ones I can eat without feeling forced are carrots. I eat at least 2 bowls of cereal a day, which is pretty much my only source of milk. Other than that I'll drink chocolate milk or plain milk only of it's with a food item that's chocolate related.

Other than that I eat a LOT of grilled cheese, but only the Kraft singles kind of cheese because actual cheese has too much flavor. I can usually enjoy pizza (only plain cheese), Kraft dinner (though it's starting to disgust me), other types of pasta (has to be a certain kind of noodle), rice, and potatoes. Chicken used to be one of my safe foods but I've gone vegetarian, so my main source of nutrients is gone.

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