Looking for someone to just chat shit with

So I didn’t drive at that point and I walked to work on a 1 hour journey. I needed to shit about 15 minutes in but public toilets don’t compare to my home throne. I was 1 block away from my house and my bowels creak, groan and shake and I just let loose. Heavy liquid explodes from my anus. My clothing choice was terrible for this kind of situation, as I was wearing light jean material which was cuffed at the ankle and high top sneakers. The shit ran down my legs and into my shoes like a drain pipe. I waddled home and just walked straight into the shower and waffle stomped any chunks down to try and salvage these trousers. The trousers needed to have shit picked out of the seams which I did... they didn’t stain so I gave them to my brother after I washed them afterwards. I have taken many photos of him wearing them and I will tell him the story of those trousers when he is 18. Thank you

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