Looking for tips on my Peach!

Woah. Gonna give it to you bluntly. This is absolute crap.

Firstly, dash attack. Dash attack shouldn't be used to approach an enemy. Dash attack has insane ending lag, just like Zelda's, and if the enemy shields your dash attack, your looking at some serious punishment.

Besides, Peach has fantastic approach options when it comes to her float. Which you barely used, outside of when you were out of the stage or when you were trying to edgehog. Btw, your edgehogs were fantastic, kudos to you good sir.

Peach's float has a special property to them. You can cancel the entirety of the landing lag of your aerials by using them from a float. Float canceling is one of the most useful tools Peach has in her arsenal. That's why you will see most top player Peaches travel across the ground using a float.

You can float cancel into anything. Smashes, grabs, specials, EVEN FLOAT CANCELS. If you want to be serious about Peach, get into the lab right now and learn how to float cancel.

Your grabs were correct. You used down-grab, which can be tech-chased or even chaingrabbed, depending on your weight/ falling speed (I actually don't know which is the deciding factor). Peach's down smash is devastating, but if an opponent guards it, just like your dash attack, you will be punished harshly for it.

Also for grabs. Forward-throw is a kill move at high percents. Up throw is a definite chaingrab for spacies and fast fallers, and back throw is usually used if you want to keep them out of the field. Make sure you know the usage of each throw before throwing them. And don't be afraid to pummel too.

Turnip usage was...meh. Your turnips are mostly used for ganks, but they can be used to continue combos since they do hit off the ground. But you were just mindlessly throwing out your turnips, especially that one with a Bob-omb. Peachs need to be very cautious about what turnips they throw. If you got a stitch (I call him Tori-chan) or a dot face, you do not want to throw does out, since they deal potent damage. Likewise don't casually throw away Mr. Saturns and Bob-ombs either as Mr. Saturn can break shields and flinch opponents and Bob-ombs have heavy damage and knockback. Beam Swords you can throw away unless you decide to style on your opponents by becoming the next Luke Skywalker.

You stood still...a lot. For this battle it was okay because your opponent didn't know better. But if you were up against a competent player, they would take advantage of your idle stance. Dash dance, Float cancel nairs, do anything other than standing still to instill some sort of fear of the unknown to your opponent. Smash isn't just skill, its mindgames as well. I fall victim to dash dances all the time, so I should know.

Other than this, that's all I have to say. Go back to the lab man. Learn a bit more about Peach's kit. And when you finish experimenting, you'll be float canceling nairs all across the stage and wrecking noobs who don't know better.

I'll see if I can get NYC's resident Peach to provide some of his input. He enjoys helping people. Especially those he's destroyed handingly.

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