Made a video about why khyber is such a great villain check it out if your intrested

Alright my bad then but still don’t see your point here again aggregor is never mentioned in ultimate Kevin’s arc. If he’s really so important wouldn’t he be mentioned if he was truly so important?

As for contrasts again even this isn’t the point you make it to be. Kevin never says aggregor isn’t what I want to be nor is he shown thinking this way. Young Kevin is what his arc shows us he’s become and what he worked so hard to get over(and classic series Kevin/young UA Kevin is not at all the same character as aggregor)

Again aggregor is not mentioned nor is he used as an example of what Kevin wants to become he has no real connection with Kevin, Ben or Gwen which is why I dislike him as he is a character that desperately needs that connection do to his lack of interesting character.

I was also genuine about not liking aggregor and enjoying khyber and explained why so again don’t see your point here I would just suggest you rewatch the videos if you think I haven’t been clear enough.

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