The most beautiful game you're not playing

Cerebria, without a doubt. What a gorgeous game. My current group possesses an incredibly short attention span and is not in any way, shape, or form up to a Mindclash brain and table destroyer right now, so it sits on the shelf, judging me.

Runner up would be Middara. I admittedly have a bad attitude about this occasionally gorgeous production. After waiting 4 years and then getting the announcement of the 1.1 Update kit literally the day the thing hit my porch... 40 pages of adjustments and over 200 cards that will need to be swapped out and replaced, plus the announcement that they're basically gonna roll with a Living Ruleset that will get adjusted over time like a video game.... My mood soured considerably. So now I'm stuck somewhere between supporting KS2 to get an update kit for a brand new game I feel like maybe I'll really dig, or tossing the whole thing in the bin and actually listening to my Spidey Senses next time. The tingle is real.

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