No Pun Included - The Myth of Vagrantsong

What about if you look at it from the angle of a people who’ve been denied, punished and even killed for practicing their culture? People who’ve had their culture stolen from them?

I think in those situations their stories should be theirs to tell. It feels wrong to deny people their culture for centuries harming them, using their culture and beliefs to degrade and dehumanise them, and then turn around and say actually it’s ok now, but we’re going to take your stories, the ones that survived, twist them and profit from them.

I think in those cases we should allow those people to ‘reclaim’ their stories and do with them what they see fit.

It doesn’t fit in exactly with what you’re saying and you make some valid points but I think there doesn’t have to be one rule for absolutely everything and for better or for worse exceptions can be made.

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