[MS] GMG Arc Rant, Ultra Wall of Text.

Yeah I did point it out that you missed some.

Yeah, I was asking you to briefly state them again.

Cuatro Puppy was never even hyped by anyone let alone Mashima.

Ah, Bacchus got hyped by Erza.....all the way to the Elfman fight.

Kagura was beast she defeated Yukino and would have defeated Lyon.

What does that have to do with anything? Yukino and Lyon were both kinda meh. So meh?

You said Fairy Tail never loses I said they have you said they dont so i broke down the fights down a bit in the tournament.

By pointing out the losses of other guilds? Are you pulling my leg or something?

How is it bad writing if the whole point of the arc is to show Fairy Tail is back as a guild and some match ups werent even against fairy tail.

Apparently the non-Fairy Tail members get bad matchups are goes against their favor, hence making them lose but Fairy Tail members get good matchups and they win? Good writing would make the best out of all of their characters, Mashima didn't. I mean what's the point of matching up Kagura and Millianna against Lyon and Yuka? Heck don't even get me started on how they dealt with Millanna.

Warrod himself that the titles mean nothing, thats a wizard saint in case you forgot.

Yes but in case you forgot (well actually you never read it), I used the same argument against TeamGodSerena when we were debating about Hades and the GOIs and so I do agree with you. Issue is that trying to convince me that hype is garbage doesn't work because I talk about that shit the most here. Also Wizard Saints such as Jose, Makarov, Jellal, Jura (in Oracion Seis arc) actually did deliver back then. It's after the 7-year timeskip, Mashima doesn't care and that's the complaint.

I literally said "And even then both Kagura and Erza loved Milliana so they wouldnt go all out to kill each other because they have that common friend." which you ignored, regardless of how the characters felt about one another [Mostly Kagura hating Erza because she was helping Jellal] it didn't mean they were going to kill each other because neither had any hate towards the other.

I know what you said, I'm asking what does that have to do with what I said, heck why not summarize what I even did say just to see if we are on the same page here.

It's mostly irrational since Jellal has appeared as often as Nab and his Bounty Board

So is the love for him then so why can't I not have a little fun too?

EVeryone and their grandmothers overhypes Hades, Laxus, Gildarts, Natsu, Gray etc... it's not mashima's fault people over hype his characters.

Somebody overhyped Hades, I really need to see this fanclub. SHOW ME THE DOOR TO HEAVEN NAO!

But honestly though, you ignored what I said. Why does Spriggans gets more hype than Hades, WHY?!

No, Mashima gives a character an ability and everyone thinks they are the greatest thing ever. e.g. Gray/Laxus/Natsu

You ignored the afterword for Spriggans though. But why have Natsu beat up Bluenote and a War God?!

Poorly written fights? The fights have taken roughly 3 to 4 chapters to conclude. He is taking more time for these fights than he had in previous ones. You just dont like the direction he's going in.

You do know I'm talking about the GMG Arc right?

Yeah and thats where the overhype of his character began.

Justified hype mind you, but it's not that I'm questioning here though. Hades' and well I guess it's Grimoire Heart as well gave more feats than hype. Heck even Evil Jellal and Oracion Seis did good too. Back then Mashima actually cared. Compare to what happened after 7 year timeskip, it felt better back then.

Natsu used Igneel's Magic to defeat the god of war. Just because the character is a giant doesnt mean they are the strongest look at elfman he's basically a mini god of war does that means hes op as all hell? No and people fail to see that and start hyping them it's their problem.

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