[Discussion] What are your complaints/criticisms of the show? How would you fix them?

I absolutely hated the Edolas arc so don't read this if you like it. To fix it I'd still have Gildarts returning and telling Natsu he has a gift for him. However, I'd have Gildarts tell Natsu he needs to speak to him alone. That way Happy wouldn't be there. The reason I need Happy to not be there? Because he'll convince Wendy and Charle to eavesdrop(don't know how to spell that word, forgive me). So the same thing goes down and Natsu runs off to find the black dragon. Gildarts knew Happy, Charle and Wendy were listening and he tells them to go after Natsu. Wendy is also intrigued by the black dragon, so they chase Natsu and find him. They ask him to go back to the guild and he agrees, however Knightwalker(who won't look like Erza) appears on a Wyvern and attacks them. She is about to kill them but a group of wizards appear and manage to force her to retreat, but whoops she accidentally took Happy and Charle with her. Natsu and Wendy are oblivious so they don't notice. Natsu and the others become friends with this group and find out they're a new guild(let's call them Gnome's Hat). They go to Gnomes hat's Guild Hall and have a couple of drinks with them. They ask about Knightwalker and find out she's part of a dark guild that has been terrorizing the villages near by. Then, Natsu and Wendy notice Happy and Charle are missing. Natsu gets really angry and ask where the dark guild's guild hall is. Ashely(which is what we'll call Edolas Lucy) decides to go with Natsu and Wendy to show them the way. They make it to the guild hall and Ashely goes back to her guild out of fear. Natsu and Wendy invade but get defeated by Pantherlily, Sugar Boy, and Hughes. Mean while They wake up chained up with Jose Porla sitting infront of them he tells them he's gonna steal their dragon slaying magic and become super strong yadayadayada. Erza, Gray, Lucy, Mystogan and Gajeel appear with back up from Gnome's Hat. They go to rescue Natsu and Wendy but Knightwalker, SugarBoy, Hughes, and Pantherlily intercept them. Gajeel fights Pantherlily, Erza fights Knightwalker, Lucy fights Hughes, and Gray fights SugarBoy. Mystogan goes on ahead to save Natsu, with the help of the Gnome Hat people. Mystogan and Jose fight, but it's too late Jose has stolen all their magic and is now too powerful. Mystogan gets defeated and his face revealed one more. The Gnome Hat wizards are shocked because they were all victims of Jellal's assault on a village that he committed in order to test his power. Jose is also shocked(he'd know the face from Siegrain). The other fights continue and all the Fairy Tail members win. Gajeel tells Pantherlily that he's gonna be his cat. Mystogan hands Natsu and Wendy shards of the Etherion crystal and tells them to eat it. They power up(but don't enter dragon force) they begin fighting Jose and Gajeel joins them. They defeat Jose with an Iron Flamewind Devastation! Mystogan tells SugarBoy, Pantherlily, Knightwalker, and Hughes that they need to redeem theirselves. Knightwalker joins Gnome Hat. SugarBoy and Hughes go out on an adventure together. Pantherlily joins Fairy Tail. Mystogan disapeares. The rest of the gang go back to the Gnome Hat Guild Hall. Natsu points out how he totally forgot about chasing after the black dragon. An elder from Gnome Hat says something along the lines of "The black Dragon?! Why would you ever chase after that terror? Acnologia, the dragon of the apocolypse is a terror that no man can beat" Fairy Tail goes back to the guild. Everyone is partying and drinking Natsu, Wendy, Happy and Charle get yelled at......oh wait I totally forgot about Happy and Charle.....

Okay so Happy and Charle fall off the Wyvern while flying away with Erza. The fly safely to the ground and begin to look for Natsu and Wendy. They begin to bond and then they find the dark guild. They hear the scream of Natsu and Wendy and try to save them but are beaten senseless by Knightwalker. Happy persists to try to save them and Charle notices his bravery. Then when the rest of Fairy tail arrives they save Happy and Charle.

Okay so I think that pretty much replaces the Edolas arc. Wendy and Natsu become closer. Wendy becomes more sure of herself. Happy and Charle become closer. Pantherlily joins Fairy Tail.

Now there are a couple loose ends like Mystogan not leaving, and Lisanna not coming back. But those are the two reasons why I hated the Edolas arc in the first place (also because parallel worlds piss me off). Okay so Lisanna stays dead and never comes back, not like it makes a big difference. And Mystogan can stay part of the guild. He tells Erza his reason for looking like Jellal which can be literally any reason. My preferred reason is, Mystogan is a spy, part of his magic allows him to change his face. But he can only do it every once in while because it uses up a lot of magic. So Mystogan was spying on Ultear by diguising himself as Jellal. However he can't change his face too often. He could also use it to spy on the magic council later on in the show To get more information about Alverez even tho we already have a spy. Mystogan staying in the show and Lisanna never coming back won't really effect the show too much. We also get more Acnologia hype so overall I like this version of Edolas more. It just feels better in my opinion. Let me know if I missed anything. Also I obviously would have added more details to the fights if I had more time.

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