The MVP System: A relic from a bygone(crap) age

I hear a big helping of "your opinion" and very little fact to counter what I've said.

So here's a big helping of the same.

  1. I struggle to make friends and keep them. "Join a guild" is not an excuse. The fact that I'm forced into a guild just to fill out my sphere grid(my name for the Aesir monument) is already irritating because the game is forcing me to buddy buddy with people I may or may not like or respect to get the full experience. The old RO had /nothing/ that forced me into HAVING to join a guild, and thus I was able to join a guild with people I liked, rather than choose one out of necessity. To this end, Valhalla irritates me because I can't find a guild that has a schedule for them and therefore I tend to miss calls for it while afk farming. How long, how many guilds, how many tries at having friends am I supposed to take a stab at before I can complain about being forced into being friends with people in order to acccomplish stuff that I should be able to do myself?
  2. I get it. You like being with other people. You like competing with them and I'm willing to bet you enjoy it when you have something over 90% of the playerbase like a castle in WoE. The problem that arose when developing further MMO's beyond RO is that people /do not like to play games where competing with the top tier is a futile effort/.
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