Knight Bash Build

Hi fellow swordsman. I'm just curious how our bash scales so high even with bash skill just 200% of ATK.

So I'm thinking maybe the formula is not just plain commutative.

For example, I have (Nagan, 10 bash runes, Bongun Card deposited with str around 103. It's said that 1 str = +0.98% bash damage )

If I have 1K ATK my base bash damage will be 2K.

If we follow the plain commutative property (ignoring other factors) base damage would be (2K + 300% (nagan, runes, bongun) of 2K = 8K).

But that's not even close. With just 6 bash runes I'm hitting around 16K on a non-middle size monster.

So for me, the only logical equation of this would be like this:

2K base bash damage + 100% due to nagan = 4K + 100% due to runes = 8K + 100% due to bongun = 16K.

This will come close to what I'm seeing with my bash damage.

What do you guys think? I just want to be enlightened.

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