Neat little bullet I cut from a thunder egg back in college, I miss doing lapidary!

I lost all of my equipment in a house fire in 2009. Insurance paid for about 1 tenth of the cost to replace everything so I never got back into it. I also miss it.

Just off the top of my head I lost; a Diamond Pacific Genie with 6” wheels. A couple different flat lap machines. A complete Facetron setup with every index gear, spare drips, extra laps, pounds of diamond grits. Jigs, jigs and more jigs. Dop sticks and pounds of wax. Everything! Insurance initially offered $950 for everything, but I finally accepted $1600 because they ended up beating me down to the point that I just wanted to be done with them. Get a Rider for your expensive toys everyone. Hell, the Faceteon machine was over $4k

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