NEW DD Format - "SpecScore" - Companies will be rated on their product/service, team, financials, potential, competition, and value for money.

I like the idea, but I think there are so many different ways to do DD that I’m not sure standardizing the format is the solution. There are a lot of factors to consider outside of these and certain factors might be very relevant for some plays and not at all for others. If the focus of this sub is penny stocks and speculative plays, which it seems to be, things like upcoming catalysts might be far more relevant than insider buying data or what the competitive landscape looks like. The score would be pretty arbitrary at best.

This seems like it would best serve as a generic addition to include on dd posts to ensure a certain level of quality in the post (I assume that’s the purpose) but I think also giving people the freedom to present DD in their own way is important. I like being able to quickly differentiate between what I think is good dd and what’s not, and I worry that having a standard format and unweighted scoring system would cloud that.

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