New music social media website geared towards promoting independent artists and helping listeners discover up-and-coming artists: HiFiveMusic (link in comments)

Some information from the website's about section...

"For too long, independent artists feel they must give away their work in order to break in - where you can develop yourself as far as to spend thousands to produce your EP or album, only to upload it for free on the internet or at best, pennies on the dollar? More and more artists are devaluing their work because they want to be successful and the music industry tells them it’s ok, even necessary if you want in. At HiFiveMusic, we think it’s time for a change."

"HiFiveMusic is the revolution. We are a free music distribution service designed specifically for independent artists. Instead of the old CD and mp3 sales cartel, we offer a unique subscription model, built around an entire network of professionals dedicated to fair promotion and growth of independent artists. All artists and bands have to do is create a free account, upload their music, and set up their page on our beautiful site to start earning. Or, they can have someone from our HFM Team set up their page – just add the music and finishing touches. Your fans subscribe to your page for $2.99 per year, which allows them to stream and download the music you make available throughout the year. You get $2.00 of every subscription, which automatically renew each year. HiFiveMusic actively promotes the music on our site, so you’re never alone."

"Fans rejoice! HiFiveMusic is about connecting bands to new fans. Your subscription directly supports independent artists and helps them to produce fresh, high quality music you can't hear anywhere else. Stay connected to bands and fellow fans on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Hang out in the Lounge to hear real-time fan generated playlists and discover new bands you may have never thought to listen to. Fall in love with independent music from across the globe on HiFiveMusic!"

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